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Name: Baranya Megyei Polgári Védelmi Szövetség
Baranya County Civil Protection Association
Abbreviation: BMPVSZ
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 Engel János József Street 1. , 7630 Pécs
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Tax number: 18331743-1-02
Registration number: Court of Pécs 02-02-0002904
Bank account number: Erste Bank 11600006-00000000-31402422
President: Tóth Hajnalka
    Baranya County Civil Protection Association is an officially registered, non-profit, professional and representative organisation of legal entities, natural persons and organisations dealing with fire protection, firefighting, disaster response and rescue activity related thereto.
The association has a national qualification for fundamental water damage remediation, and it is a member of the Mecsek Rescue Team.

The Association considers humanitarian involvement in implementing measures for the protection of the material possessions of the affected population in the case of natural disasters, in providing information to the population, in the education of youth, in setting up and training Voluntary Organisations, in distributing aid and in supporting voluntary intervention as priorities. In the course of our activities we cooperate with the County Disaster Management Directorate and its organisations, recognising its professional guidance. For years, the Baranya County Civil Protection Association has been coordinating the work of rescue organisations active in its area of competence, promotes the case of civil protection.

„Safety is a basic human and societal need.” The organisation aims to fulfil this need, its tasks include the protection of public order and security. Its fundamental aspiration is to create this security in Baranya County.

The members of the organisation are involved in organising youth training sessions, competitions, summer camps as helpers and active participants, and also appear at other events with educational programs. Our main sources of income are state and local government funds, tendering opportunities and the membership fee paid by our members.

In the past years we have participated at a large number of various events:

  •  Disaster Medic training
  •  rescue and search tasks (searching for missing persons and animals)
  •  bear garlic and snowdrop protection service,
  •  regular forest fire monitoring service with foot and horseback patrols,
  •  educational events at schools, volunteer recruitment events,
  •  conducting youth competitions,
  •  summer camp
  •  participating at events of other organisations,
  •  continuous support of disaster management member organisations and civil volunteers.

Within the tasks of disaster management, through updating the tasks of population preparedness, the aim is to spread disaster management-related information as widely as possible, besides the prevention of disasters, strengthening the commitment to protection against disasters, and to improve abilities for self-rescue. Every Hungarian citizen has the right to become familiar with and acquire the relevant defence rules which ensure the survival and rescue of humans and the protection of own material possessions. The preparation of the population is a complex activity, which, on one hand, includes preparing the population for emergencies, and involves the rules of action and conduct to be followed, the suitability of citizens to rescue themselves, others and material possessions, and, through targeted practice, includes the process of developing this knowledge into skills. In addition, the population must be made aware of the fact that with careless behaviour or in the lack of necessary information they themselves can cause emergencies.

The main objective of the disaster management training of students is to make them familiar with the hazardous effects typical for their location, and with the behaviour rules to be followed in the case of danger and of an alert, as widely as possible.

The longest section of the training of students is the period of prevention. It is not only about having to prepare the students for the behaviour mechanisms that need to be followed in case of an already occurred emergency. Furthermore, they need to be helped in developing their self-defence skill, end they must be made aware of how they can avoid causing emergencies themselves.

In 2020, financed from the amount we had won on the tender set by NEA (National Cooperation Fund), we compiled the board game named „Play to survive…”, which has only been presented at a limited number of occasions due to the Covid situation, but, while keeping the prevailing regulations, we have managed to present the game to small groups. We received positive feedback on the game each time. Accordingly, we are aiming at frequent presentations at every opportunity.

In the first half of 2020, we issued a joint publication with the Hungarian Red Cross, which contains the appropriate rules of conduct. The fundamental aim of this booklet is to educate and encourage the reader to take social responsibility consciously. We collected and classified disaster types, dangers threatening humans and indicated those rules of conduct to them which, if complied with, can prevent unfortunate events endangering our lives, our health and material possessions, or can reduce their harmful impact.

In 2021, thanks to support from NEA and BM OKF (Interior Ministry, National Directorate General for Disaster Management), our organisation was able to carry out significant equipment procurement and received a VW Amarok vehicle for use.

In 2022 we are going to launch our Facebook page and website and continuously fill them with content. In the spirit of being international, we will share information in English on our website.

Baranya County Civil Protection Association continues to explore further possibilities and continuously improves its assets depending on the successful tenders.

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For further information contact: mpvszbaranya@gmail.com